Our Trip to the US

For the last two months, BG and I have had a wonderful trip exploring the US and spending time with supporters, friends and family. We have met with many people and had a great time reconnecting with old friends. This was BG’s first trip to the US, and I was really glad to show her where I’m from and where I went to college.

Annibirthary 2014 (13)

Annibirthary 2014 (49)

We celebrated our one year anniversary at National Harbor, MD. Above you can see the hotel we stayed at (that would be the small red and white brick one on the left 🙂 ). It is one of my favorite spots in Maryland.

We also got to visit the University of Virginia, and hang out with some cool scientists.

Charlottesville 2014 (7) Charlottesville 2014 (13)

Our good friend Bob gave us a tour.

DC 2014 (112) DC 2014 (168)

Of course we did some touring of DC and caught the fourth of July fireworks.

DC 2014 (86)

Another place we visited was the beautiful Olympic peninsula of Washington state. My grandparents live north of Seattle, so we got to see them and had a small family reunion as well. We made a family trip out there and also drove down to Oregon.

Washington-Oregon (75)

Washington-Oregon (33)

We also did a (very) long road trip from Maryland to Chicago where we spend a week catching up with some of my college friends. A group of us spent a weekend camping at the Indiana Dunes.

Chicago (22)

Chicago (36)

That’s our abbreviated version. Now we’re heading back to Kenya. Lots of work when we get back!


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