What happens in May…

As I reflect back on this month, it has been quite a full month. I’ll highlight a few experiences here. The rain seems finally to have ceased so I’m happy about that! But I have some pictures which demonstrate driving through the water:

Lang’ata road becomes a river! Whatever water drainage system or plan is in place is not sufficient, and then after the rains the road is filled with potholes and has to be patched, which is why the entire road consists of extremely bumpy and uneven patchwork.

A few months ago I had discussed the new project my friend Zippy started in Machakos, Blessed Peace. One of the aspects of that project is a children’s home for abandoned children, which has really been growing! A few weeks ago I got to visit the home, and there are over 30 kids living there now.

The home is just outside of Machokos in a very beautiful area. Machokos is around an hour from Nairobi.

The kids piled in to take a short ride around the square! They were rather excited…and the car was full.

One other adventure I had this month was traveling to Lake Elementaita, a lake with a hot spring a few hours from Nairobi (between Naivasha and Nakuru). Almost 15 of us stayed overnight at a lodge, called the “treehouse”, which has some really nice views!

They say the hill looks like a man lying down, looking up at God. Can you see it?


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