Settling In – Part 2 (pictures)


My building from the courtyard.


View of the high school from my balcony.


View of the street from my balcony.


My living room.


My friend Ngila helping me move in.


BG cleaning the bathroom (the house required quite a bit of cleaning).


3 thoughts on “Settling In – Part 2 (pictures)

  1. This good news! Welcome to Kenya. May the Lord God Almighty who called you to serve Him, grant you boldness and success as you serve Him in this foreign land. Blessings. David Njuguna

  2. Wow, am so evious reading about your new transition and looking at the pictures. Wish I could also go back to Nairobi and establish a new life in that setting… but other duties also call for my attention … 🙂
    Am excited to hear more about your first days at Carlile. Maybe we can catch up on skype? Email me or send text msg and let me know when you’re available…Barikiwe!

  3. I am so glad that you are back David and are happy that you are settling in well. May the Lord bless you greatly for your true commitment and dedication to His work. Joanne Waweru

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