15 Free Software Programs You Should Have!

How about an IT themed post…. now I am all about freeware, useful programs that can do amazing things! Some of these may be familiar to you, but I figured I would include a list of some of the free programs that I use regularly and find to enhance my life. They are only a download away:



1) AVG – There are several very good free antivirus program, but I believe AVG is probably the best.



2) Spybot Search and Destroy – Along with basic scans and browser immunize features, they have a feature that alerts me whenever a program attempts to add itself to my start-up, which is a pet peeve of mine.




3) Malwarebytes Anti-malware – a good secondary program to use along with an antivirus program such as AVG.




4) Advanced System Care – It does a deep clean of your computer, including your registry, privacy sweep, security defense, disk scan, etc.



5) CCleaner – Similar to ASC, also allows you to uninstall programs and easily check what’s on your start-up.



Media Players

6) iTunes – A music player, in my opinion far superior to Windows Media Player.



7) VLC – an excellent media player, can play basically any video file.





8) Anki – a flashcard program. It utilizes spaced repetition, so a word or concept you find easy, you won’t need to review for increasingly longer periods, but ones that you keep forgetting you review more often. It includes hundreds of potential card decks, from Japanese to GRE words to economics…anything you can put on a flashcard. Plus you can write your own personal decks of facts or words you want to memorize…I find it incredibly useful.


9) Youtube Downloader – So useful…download any youtube video, and then can also convert different file formats, say from flv to mp3, and can even specify where to start and end, in case you need just a snippet of a song.



10) Calibre – an e-book reader. Well organized, easy to use.


11) E-sword – free Bible software with a number of version and other available downloads.


12) X3Watch – free accountability software that will send an email every month or two weeks of any objectionable websites to two or four accountability partners of your choosing.


13) Zotero – if you are a student or ever use citations, such as footnotes, this will save you a ton of time! It creates a virtual library of your sources and automatically formats them correctly according to the format you specify, eg. APA, MLA, or Turabian. Then it automatically creates a biblography (or works cited) when you’re done! It can be a bit tricky to set up, but so helpful.


14) MagicDisk – this is probably not something as many of you would use, but in case you need a program to mount an ISO, I find it really helpful!


15) Dropbox – a remote storage and backup option, can access your important files from any internet connection. You start off with 2 gb which can increase as you invite your friends to use it.



CNET – not a program, but a download site, as you can see from a couple of the links I’ve included in this post. They also have very helpful reviews on all sorts of tech stuff.



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