Looking Back at 2011

2011 has been quite a year for me! As it rapidly draws to a close, I’ve been reflecting on some of what I’ve been up to this year. It started off quietly, hanging out in my apartment watching movies with Abi and Zippy. That was an awesome New Years’s party! I started my eighth term at NEGST taking Educational Ministries, Hebrew V, Pastoral Care and Cultural World, and that term went quite well. We got a new youth pastor at Nairobi Chapel, and I was very impressed with some of the ideas he launched. Asked to lead a group of youth through their ‘plug-in’ curriculum,  I became a bit more involved at Chapel and got to know the group of 18 year olds, Hulk!! Instead of a sermon, we devoted the majority of the service time to group discussion and prayer for a few months, and I thought it was a great way to make the time more interactive and build stronger relationships.  I also had a few distractions…spent weeks dealing with the repercussions of an accident one of my friends had driving my motorbike. I am now very familiar with the Muthangari police station, having spent over 30 hours there! It was fortunate I had a light class load that make this much easier than it would be normally!

I also went camping in Naivasha a couple times with some of my best friends. We borrowed another motorbike, loaded up and drove both over to our campsite. It was very fun.

I spent a great deal of time thinking and praying about what to do after I graduated. I stopped hosting as many parties and functions at my place and spent more time by myself…didn’t want graduation to arrive without some kind of plan! I reflecting on a discussion I had with one of my professors, who had been appointed the principle of Carlile College, and decided I wanted to pursue going on staff there. Since that required raising support I applied to Commission To Every Nation, and was grateful to be accepted by them. During my April break, I spent most of the time at school preparing for graduation and finishing my CTEN application, but I did manage a brief trip upcountry to Meru, along with someone who would become quite important to me later on…

I began my last term at NEGST with one of my lightest loads ever, taking only Daniel, Bible and Moral Issues and Leadership. I determined to finish my very few assignments early, and for one of the first times in my life turned in all my papers weeks in advance! It was pretty sweet.  I seemed to have my plans more or less in order, so I was able to stop worrying as much, and was free to do some other random stuff, such as a church road trip, a leadership conference, attending some dowry negotiations, and so on.

In July, my parents and sister arrived, and I finally finished up at NEGST (some pictures can be found here)! We had a banquet, many parties, saw some animals at Naivasha, went to Mombasa on the the coast by train–good times! I then had to pack up and prepare to return to the US for a while, said goodbye to my friends…and three days before I left had a discussion with a certain young lady about whether we had a future together. I was very pleased that she thought such a thing was possible, and was willing to give it a try, and BG has been an awesome girlfriend and huge blessing to me over the last five months. I thank God for her.

Coming back to the US, I spent a couple weeks in Boston training at a software company to see if that would be a potential way to support myself in Nairobi. Its a bit of a long story, but as their contract in Nairobi didn’t go through, I decided to go a more ‘traditional’ support raising route, and attended CTEN orientation in September. I was also able to travel to Chicago and Michigan to visit friends and family. Since September, I’ve been working at raising support, connecting with old friends, meeting with pastors, even attending a Kenyan conference, and hope to have enough to return to Nairobi in the next few months. I became involved with a church nearby, joined a gym, found a brief part-time job at a local Christmas store…so a few things to keep me occupied. I’m currently north of Seattle at a family get-together, so have been enjoying the time out here, and will be returning to Maryland early in January. My grandparents live on the grounds of Warm Beach Camp, which hosts a big Christmas light display each year, so we got to see that and volunteer to help out with a few things.

Its been a full year! I look forward to all that 2012 holds, and wish you all an excellent New Year! God bless.


4 thoughts on “Looking Back at 2011

  1. David, You are a great young ambitious person I ever met. The 3 years we spent together at AIU have open my eyes to see greatness in you and I believe you will be an excellent missionary in Kenya, and hope you will visit us one day in South Sudan.

  2. Hey Dave Happy New Year. This is a good reflection of 2011. Glad to see you and Abi again in this photo.
    I wish you all the best especially with “the person who will soon become very important in your life” hahhahaha

  3. Hi Madut, thanks for your kind words! It was great to study with you, and I also hope to visit South Sudan.

    Teke – Happy New Year! Hope things are well in Cameroon. Thank you, and God bless!

    BG – Yep 🙂

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