Blessed Peace

One of my good friends, Zipporah Wambua, or Zippy as we call her, saw a huge need in her village outside Machakos, a city about an hour from Nairobi. She decided to start a foundation to address this need, and has been working through the difficult process of starting out, registering, finding partners, etc. When my sister Rachel came our for Christmas last year, we went out to visit Zippy’s village and see her project first-hand. I’m excited about what she’s doing, and I told Zippy I wanted to let my readers know about her ministry, and she wrote up something for me to post. Enjoy:

Request for Partnership

Greetings in Jesus Name

I hereby take this opportunity to introduce to you to the Blessed Peace Foundation. This is an initiative confronting poverty, famine, disease, and Islamic growth in eastern Kenya. The Church in this part of Kenya is poor, and has experienced a severe hunger crisis. As a result of this, Islam Missions has impacted a lot of church members and led to a mass migration of Christians converting to Islam because of the benefits they get. Therefore, the Blessed Peace Foundation is a responsive tool to strengthen the church and facilitate Christian initiatives that mitigate poverty and give the relevant solutions to the church as we protect them from conversion to Islam.

Founded by Zipporah Wambua, the Blessed Peace foundation has undertaken various projects, such as:

  • Children’s Ministries
    • BPF is educating 180 Children across Eastern Province with 22 of them housed in a BPF Children Home in Machakos. Here we have been providing food, shelter, medical assistance and education.
    • Sports and recreation aimed at mentoring and challenging the youth towards Christianity.
    •  In future, we are planning to facilitate, care and educate physically handicapped children.
  • Women’s Ministries
    • We facilitate a network of fellowships for widows, where they can be discipled to live for God, despite their challenges and needs. Currently we have four ongoing discipleship groups.
    • We provide shelter – each year we build for a house for the most vulnerable. Currently we have made the bricks and build the foundation for the housing facility for the widow, but we have lacked roofing materials for the same.
  • We also provide food relief and medical camps, so far we have provided one Posho meal as a business unit for one of the widows’ fellowships and are trusting God for the rest.
  • Economic Empowerment: We provide small scale loans for the widows to venture into small scale businesses.
  • Muslim Evangelism
    • We facilitate training and education for the church and mission groups and provide member care for Muslims who covert to Christianity.
  • Commercial Sex Workers
    • This is an evangelism and discipleship program to provide an alternative lifestyle.

 Current Needs

Children’s Ministries

Food: We are short of food for both the children’s home and children living outside, we require $ 1.00 a day to feed a child.

Education: We have five Children graduating from Primary School to Secondary School, of whom we are trusting God for their school fees. The estimated amount for high school fee, medical and personal belongings is $400 per year.  We currently have three students in high school.

Education for Primary School kids: We give approximately $60 per year per child, only $12 a month, for tuition and books.

Emergency Kitty: We have a kitty for emergencies and our target is $1000 per year.

We are therefore humbly requesting for your prayers and partnership in this global task.

Looking forward to hear from you

Zipporah Wambua

If you’re interested or have any questions, please contact her! Her email is, and prayer is always appreciated.


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