Life After Grad School

I  haven’t been doing many personal updates, but I don’t want this blog to be only about theology or politics, so this is my look back at the last few months, since I finished up at NEGST in July. I’ve actually done a fair amount…went out to Chicago to visit some friends, spent two weeks in Boston doing software training, drove to Michigan with my family to visit some family and friends there, went out to Texas for missions orientation, attended a Kenya Diaspora conference in DC, got to hear Ravi Zacharias in DC last week with my friend Peter. The last two months my primary occupation has been support raising to return to Kenya by January, so looking forward to seeing the fruits of that :).

I came back to the US at the end of July, and then I spent a few weeks in Boston training with a software company. I was exploring the possibility of working with this company in Nairobi, assuming that their pending contract in Nairobi went through. However, this contract didn’t go through, so my only option for working with them was to apply for a position in Boston, and I decided I didn’t want to do that. I was much more excited about returning to Nairobi much sooner and teaching and working at Carlile.

It was a really weird feeling to consider that I had the possibility of having a corporate IT career…when I first went to Wheaton, I gave up the idea of having a lucrative career. Seriously, like I majored in history and Bible/theology… I have basically no training in IT, but I’ve always enjoyed it so a few years ago I started working at the IT department at Wheaton then I continued working in IT all through NEGST. I’ve been able to pick up a lot, although there is so much more I want to learn! I have some books on HTML, Java and XML so hopefully as I’ll have some time over the next few weeks I can practice those languages.

 A year ago, one of my friends asked me what I was going to do after I graduated, and I said not sure, but the one thing I won’t do is raise support. Haha! Yeah so that didn’t quite work out. While it is often hard and discouraging, I am really glad that is the route I’m taking now, because I do see a difference in my faith and my prayer life. I feel a lot more need to pray now, and I enjoy prayer more now, as I see some connections working out, or people interested in supporting me, it is so amazing to think that God is working through my prayers, and the prayers of a lot of my friends!! My challenge has pretty much always been that my relationship with God is more academic, to the danger at times of missing the power/emotional element. I’ve been more intentional about really listening to hear God speak, and look forward to growing more in that area and seeing God manifest Himself in miraculous ways.

I’ve been applying to jobs, five so far, but haven’t heard back from any so far. I’ve been slightly choosier so far, looking at IT or office jobs, but am about to start going for retail and minimum wage jobs. We’ll see what works out! It has been nice having some free time, somewhat unusual for me, so I’ve been able to read some John Maxwell, a book on Europe, book on Muslim converts, missions, memoirs of a journalist in Africa, and a couple Clive Cussler novels. I’ve been watched Alias, awesome show, usually as I work out. And keeping up with the Office, Glee, Modern Family, Parks & Recreation…

I have been attending an Assemblies of God church just up the road from my parents place, so that has been really good, enjoyed getting to know some people there and becoming involved in their young adult ministry. And the best part of raising support has been to catch up with some old friends, hang out with some of my friends in the area, and try to make new connections. But I’m definitely looking forward to having a full time schedule again, and being back in Nairobi!

In an unrelated note, I have realized that when you are looking at a super great deal on a computer, with a discount code of WEEKENDSALE, it will not work on Monday morning!! Four hundred dollars more today. But its all good…that was for a nicer model than I really needed, and now after searching more and exploring every cranny of Lenovo’s website, as well as other sites with coupon codes, have an even better deal!

And, in case you’ve never had the joy of experiencing Demotivators from, I included a few in this post for your viewing pleasure. I love quality satire and sarcasm, so if you haven’t, should check out Despair, Inc.


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