Two Sided Slippery Slope?

I thought this was an interesting post, looking at the conservative side of the ‘slippery slope’:

I have noticed a disturbing trend in conservative evangelical circles: in a reaction to those that are defining the gospel without any wrath or atonement, some are now defining the gospel more narrowly than the Bible does.  I have seen this in multiple ways; but one of the key ones is through a tendency to equate the gospel with substitutionary atonement.

But are we really prepared to narrow the kingdom to atonement?  That’s like being excited about the ticket we get to Disneyland and not actually enjoying going to the amusement park itself!  Don’t get me wrong: atonement is critical because without it, no one gets into the kingdom. And further, preaching the kingdom without how to get into it is foolishness.  However, that does not mean that “the kingdom” = “the atonement.”

for the whole post:



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