Orientation Day 1 – Partnership, taxes and prayer

Today was my first day of orientation with Commission To Every Nation in Kerrville, Texas. It was really interesting, and helpful! Hearing stories from missionaries around the world was so exciting, and convicted me to think bigger than I have been, and really look and expect God to do great things.  Two sessions today were about partnership development, and how important it is to develop relationships with individuals, update people regularly, know your vision, and realize that ultimately it’s God’s responsibility to work in people’s hearts–our task is to tell people about the ministry we are doing, and invite them to join us in that mission.

Another session was on taxes, and that was a bit overwhelming. Keeping track of everything seems like a lot of work, although I guess I have had quite a bit of practice with that, since for the last few years I’ve kept track of basically everything I spend, all my receipts, tabulate everything each month in categories, in Excel…all useful life skills! Not nerdy at all…

The guy I’m rooming with has a lot of stories…he’s been a missionary in the Gaza strip, almost been killed, was evacuated, went to Sweden for a few years, and is start work on a TV network aimed at reaching Muslims. He was a Muslim, came to faith, and is now focused on Muslim ministry. He’s written a few books…can see more at http://www.jesusdied4mohamed2.com/1.html.

Something else they handed out which I thought was good:

Seven Ways to Pray for Your Missionary

Day 1 – Relationship with God

  • Loving and studying God’s Word
  • Strong prayer life
  • Be filled with the Holy Spirit
  • Maturing spiritually
  • Progress over personal sin

Day 2 – Physical and Emotional Needs

  • Adaptation to climate
  • Health in the midst of disease
  • Safety in danger
  • Victory over loneliness and depression

Day 3 – Family Relationships

  • Husband/wife
  • Children/parents
  • Family life as model to nationals [seems a bit of a strange term to me…]
  • Coping with singleness [rather a negative view of singleness…only something to be ‘coped’ with]

Day 4 – Ability to Communicate

  • Language ability
  • Continual improvement/fluency
  • Cultural adaptation & understanding

Day 5 – Effective Ministry

  • Teaching, preaching, witnessing
  • Boldness, open doors
  • Prepared hearts, fruitfulness

Day 6 – Team Relationships

  • Other missionaries
  • National evangelists, pastors and teachers

Day 7 – Country of Service

  • Government – national and local
  • Political situation
  • Visas, continued open doors
  • Outreach to cities and villages


2 thoughts on “Orientation Day 1 – Partnership, taxes and prayer

  1. Thanks, David. It’s fun to hear what you’re up to now – thanks for posting! I’m glad you’re excited about starting off this new process! I appreciate the list of ways to pray for missionaries.

  2. i had to smile about “coping with singleness” comment. Um, maybe a better way would be to “thrive”? glad to read your updates. Nakuombea ndugu 🙂 (Keep up the swahili)

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