New blog, new things

Ok new blog, new things: I’ve had a number of rather unique experiences over the last few weeks.  Let me summarize some things I’ve been doing:

1)      Did a road trip though the northern rift valley with the young adult fellowship from my church.

2)      Spent over 30 hours in police stations trying to sort out an accident that my friend had while driving my motorbike.

3)      Went to the Groove Awards, the Gospel music award show for East Africa

4)      Played water polo in a pool warmed by a hot spring. It was pretty awesome.

5)      Crossed the equator–which I’ve done before, only now it was all touristy and stuff.

5)      Went to my friend’s dowry negotiations. We were a part of the girl’s consortium, welcoming the guy and his people.

6)      Enjoyed a talent show put on by the youth service where I’ve been ministering for the last year.

7)      Continued trying to finish my school work early.

8 )       Went to a prayer meeting for one of my fellow students, who happens to be the personal advisor to the President. His father has been sick.

I really enjoyed having Easter with the young adults from my church. Since I’m always at the youth service (which meets at the same time in a different tent from the main church), I haven’t gotten to know as many people my age.

In case you struggle with equator curios, don’t worry, there’s a place you can go.


2 thoughts on “New blog, new things

  1. Great adventures. Will be following you closely as you’ve moved to your new blog. Great to get updates.

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