>Snapshot of Year Three

>Thus begins my third and final year…it really feels like I am almost done with NEGST. This term started off pretty crazy..since I had a remaining term paper from an independent study last term which basically consumed my first three weeks. The school had issued a new set of financial policies over break, so the student council had to petition those…which I estimate took around 20-30 hours of my time the first few weeks of school. So many meetings…and I also missed several classes. But I do enjoy student council, and although it will be a relief I’m sure I will miss it when I’m done in February. It will have been two full years…so I am constitutionally barred from running again:). It does lead to some random moments…from a few days ago “sir, I’m don’t know if you are aware but they are shooting the cows…were they given permission to do that?” (we have a new TV studio set up next to our farm). And I doubt I would have spent quite as much time debating the merits of napier grass if I had gone to seminary in the US. Or “servicing” cows… Or the implications of separating rent from tuition accounts…

This year I am living in block R–meaning I was able to stay in a flat after my stint in block M last year. Thank God for leaking roofs, and thus my upgrade from a single room to full apartment. I have been loving the community in R, and have been able to host many people for meals, tea and conversation.

Talking to Sharday, a new American student, has brought back a lot of memories from two years ago, and also showed me that I have changed a lot since I’ve come here. I’m not nearly as afraid of Nairobi traffic as I used to be. Cockroaches no longer bother me at all, and I haven’t killed any in months (once I fished one out of my water and proceeded to finish the water). I no longer boil water, but drink it straight from the tap. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find my body can handle more than I thought, including some food “slightly” past its prime… Its nice knowing most people I see, and not worrying about eating nearly as much as I used to do. Ironically, this comes as I don’t have an eating group anymore, its just Teke and I, and Jane only comes two days a week now to cook. I’m not totally sure how I eat, probably about half my meals I eat out of the house, but I almost always get food somehow. I counted once that I had eaten in like 8 different places over the period of a week…

This term has been busy academically, and I am taking 18 hours: vernacular scripture, principles of teaching, African theology, Hebrew IV, and Pentateuch. African theology has been great, and I have learned a lot in Pentateuch as well. Hebrew I’ve actually mostly enjoyed, and my study group with Solomon and Madut has been awesome. Could not do it without them. On the other two I’ll attempt to refrain from comment. After this term I’ll only need to take 15 hours for second term and then 11 hours, so that sounds awesome right now, and I can work full-time on planning for next July…

I haven’t been as active in church as I would like, but I did join a small group off-campus, something I’ve desired for a while now. I’m excited for how that will go. I’m still have Swahili a few hours a week, but haven’t been putting in the time I need to. I’ll have a couple weeks in December to study a lot more intensely, and then should have more time starting in January. Still working in the IT lab, and helping out on occasion with the new registration software that still has not been launched yet. And I finally tracked down my compassion child! A few weeks ago I figure out exactly where her church and school are, and got the number of her pastor from my friend. Take that unhelpful internet form where I have to specify the dates I’m in Kenya, the hotel I’m staying in, and pay like hundreds of dollars to hire a car and translator. So I’ll go out there to visit as soon as I can make time, probably beginning of Dec. I’m starting to think about December a lot, can’t wait.

Please pray for my future after NEGST. I’d like to stay in Nairobi, serve God in some capacity, pay off my Wheaton debt, and sustain myself. Those are the parameters, and now I need to figure out possible ways to do that. There are many, and the question is which is the best one. So I’d appreciate your prayers (and job offers) in line with the same!


2 thoughts on “>Snapshot of Year Three

  1. >Hah, wish I could offer you a job, but I don't have the hook-up in Nairobi.Your eating habits are starting to sound like me :)Praying for clear direction, provision, and most of all a sense of peace and trust for you as the end nears!

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