>You want me to bring what?

>Coming back to America and then returning to Kenya can be a somewhat stressful experience, I have found. For those of you unfamiliar with such an experience, here is a list of the things I have been asked to buy in America and then bring to Kenya with me (usually with no money down and an unspecified repayment in the general future):

– 7 laptops
– 3 digital cameras
– jeans
– shoes
– weights (the little magnetic ones you add to dumbbells)
– water filter part
– Hebrew textbook
– 1000 CDs
– an entire suitcase of textbooks for the bookstore
– credit cards (but I’m not buying these, just bringing them)

If I were to have brought all of those things back with me, if would have been roughly 200% of my total luggage allotment and would have cost around $3000. I am bringing back 3 laptops, 1 digital camera, the water filter part, the Hebrew textbook, and the credit cards. That’s a bit more manageable. I must say, my favorite request was the 1000 CDs. It came less than a week before I leave for Nairobi…


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