>Getting Stuck [Mwanza part IV]

>On this side it looks fine.

But there was this huge ditch on the other side we didn’t see coming up the hill.

We eventually dug under the vehicle, put the jack down below, lifted it up, filled in under the tire with stones, and backed up.

On the road back to Nairobi, we suddenly found ourselves stopped behind a whole line of cars. This is why.
We all tried to avoid getting splashed from the truck, but I got really muddy anyway.
The bus did make it through, but I was quite afraid it wouldn’t, and would just fall over!
We finally escaped by driving out on the open field around the water.

Ha. Success. I’ve tried to do this post about 5 times over the past 10 days, and now it finally worked. Our faster internet finally came through, and it does make a difference. Ok, now the vacation is over. Now time to get back to school updates!


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