>Buying a Sheep

>One afternoon while we were there, Edwin suggested that we climb this small “mountain” to go swimming, so we did.
On the way back, we passed a shepherd herding a little flock along the road. Edwin had already mentioned that you could buy a sheep for 1000 shillings (about $13). That seemed a great deal, so we asked the guy about buying one. He demanded 3000, which did not seem as great of a deal. We actually decided against it, and started walking back, but then changed our minds as Philip saw I was disappointed and said I had to have a story to tell back home. Edwin ran after him and we finally got a sheep for 2000.

I dragged it back to our camp, and it was somewhat stubborn, as I had heard about sheep.

Along the way back to the camp, we came across more animals. Philip was enjoying himself…

When we entered our camp, the paparazzi descended, and we all took our pictures with the sheep. Ok, the library is closing so I must leave. You’ll have to check back to see what happens next…


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