>Camping In Naivasha

Camping in Naivasha was a blast. I was worried about rain, but the weather was beautiful the entire time. I joined a small group retreat from Nairobi Chapel, of while I have never participated in the group before, I did know most of the members. It was a rather diverse group: Philip (The Gambia), Dennis (Uganda), David Fugoyo (Sudan), Edwin (Kenya), and Esayas and his family (Ethiopia). There were some other Kenyan ladies as well who are not NEGST students.

This was the road from our campsite to the lake. It was about a half hour walk, and we could see an outline at the end, which did not move the entire time. We couldn’t figure out if it was alive, but it was, and turned out to be some zebras enjoying the shade.

The lake was really dry, as you can see.

We found what we believed to be hippo tracks.

This was our central cooking and fellowship area. We camped in four tents, but I figured you’d probably seen a tent before so I didn’t bother to upload a picture. Next post: slaughtering and roasting a sheep…


2 thoughts on “>Camping In Naivasha

  1. >brucie, you are in AFRICA!! sometimes i still cannot believe it. like when you show pictures of random zebras blocking the road. dang. i’m glad i finally remembered/was reminded by you to look at your blog 🙂

  2. >also, i don’t know why, but i can’t seem to leave a comment on your newest post about the sheep. i was going to say, i think you might walk a little stubbornly too if you were going to the fate that sheep was going to…

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