>Off on Vacation…

>So I hope the rains will hold off for just another few days, but I will be camping at Naivasha for the weekend, so I’m looking forward to that. Naivasha is on the Rift Valley, and I’ve heard its beautiful. I’m going with an ecclesia group from Nairobi Chapel, and we’ll be there until mid Sunday, and then we’ll be going to stay at Kinyua’s house (another student here, a former leader of the singles group), not far from Nakuru. On Monday night I’ll take the overnight bus from Nairobi to Mwanza, which goes through Nakuru. The whole ride is about 11 hours, and I’m cutting off 2 by picking it up in Nakuru, but that’s still a bit of time! Then I’ll be in Mwanza until Easter, and then we’ll come back Monday. There’s a professor here who lived there for many years before coming to NEGST, and he’s going back with his family for a visit, and I’m staying with them. I imagine I’ll have some updates when I return…


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